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Handcrafted solid timber wood floors & flooring Belgium

handcrafted solid wood floors & timber flooring belgium . Wood floors & flooring Belgium. & flooring all get classified as a door in some way or another. Living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and great rooms are all applications for solid timber wood flooring. Most, but not all, solid wood floors are unfinished. Attaining a high-quality coat on-site is possible for unfinished timber hardwood, but it requires planning, time and attention to detail. That deep, glossy, prefinished look requires multiple steps, starting with letting the wood adjust to the site. Belgium
Most builders, designers and woodworkers agree that solid hardwood flooring can add beauty and value to a home. According to the National Wood Flooring Association, selecting the type of wood is usually a matter of personal preference. The inherent color and grain of the tree is going to show through any finish applied. However, some woods are harder than others. The harder types of wood usually look better in heavy-traffic areas. Solid wood makers are countering this benefit of engineered wood by developing prefinished floors. And while installed prices for prefinished solid and engineered products are nearly equal, some experts contend engineered wood floors do not offer the extensive selection of stains available for finishing hardwood on-site.

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Vandegaar Solid Wood & Timber Floors & Flooring Belgium
Solid Wood Staircases, Solid Wood Doors,
Oak, Beech, Maple, Merbau, Cherry

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